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Jam Roller Replacement

MODEL 100  (end brackets are 4"h X 5"w)
  1. Lower window quilt all the way
  2. Remove hair pin clip
  3. Slide clevis pin out from the exterior of bracket. Jam roller will fall out.
  4. Replace with the new jam roller. Make sure pull cord is centered behind the jam roller and as you face the shade the jam roller design should make a U shape.
  5. Slide clevis pin in from the outside of bracket to hold jam roller in place
  6. Replace hair pin clip
  7. Raise and lower shade


MODEL 400  (end brackets are 6"h X 4"w)

  1. Lower window quilt all the way
  2. Loosen the bottom bracket screw on the pull cord side
  3. Slide the bottom of the bracket out
  4. Remove the seal roller
  5. Remove the pull cord tassel by sliding it up the cord and untying the knot.
  6. With 2 flat screw drivers pry in between the end plug and jam roller assembly to remove the jam roller assembly.
  7. Install the new jam roller assembly by tapping the end pin until it seats.

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