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High Performance Insulated Shades

(Performance and Technical data on pages 3 and 4)

Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer. Window Quilt Delivers Comfort and Savings Year Round!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.
Which Window is Yours?

Infra-red photography graphically illustrates Window Quiltís effectiveness.

Comfort You Can Feel

  • Eliminates drafts

  • Dramatically reduces heat loss/gain

  • Feel more comfortable at lower temperatures

  • Blocks outside noise


    To get the most benefit of space in the bedroom, the boys must sleep under cold windows. Iím  amazed how the Quilt stops these drafts completely.

    Susan, Reston, VA


    Quality You Can See


    Itís great to buy such a super American made product.  Your packaging is excellent and every quilt was perfect.

    The increased efficiency is better than we hoped for!        

    Richard, St. Peters, MO           


    Proudly crafted in

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    The Choice of Professionals

    With legendary performance and rapid pay back, Window Quiltģ  is the choice of
    facilities managers nationwide.


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    A lot of people pay lip service to energy conservation, but then say it is too expensive. I feel good when I do good things for the environment, but everything I do is also cost justified. So far, Iíve installed over 6,000 Quilts.


    Keith Denner, Owner, Professional Property Mgt, West Des Moines, Iowa

    Sometimes our customerís enthusiasm surprises even us!

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    I saw your Window Quilts and knew they were the answer to our sun porch problem. I love them. They are fantastic. They make the porch very draft free and comfortable all winter.......John Snell Boonton, NJ

    Superb product! We have three other types of movable insulation in our solar home--Window Quilt technology is the best!......Jeanne, Highland UT

    This is our third Window Quilt house. I doubt I would ever be content to live without them!.......James, Pittsford, NY

    My Victorian house is now amazingly draft free. I am truly impressed! .....Patty, Medfield, MA

    How does Window Quilt compare with installing new windows?
    Window Quilt requires no reconstruction or modification of your home. They are much less expensive and easier to install, and provide a much higher total efficiency return. Window Quilt also provides a choice of full view or complete privacy. When fully raised, it does not reduce light transmission and solar gain. When fully lowered, their unique properties reflect summer sun or seal out winter cold. Compared to installing storm windows, Window Quilt provides easy ventilation with existing windows and superior insulating properties.

    Whatís so special about the four way seal?
    Our cord-in-track seal dramatically cuts airflow around the shadeís sides while pressure seals close off the top and bottom. This is vitally important in blocking infiltration of warm or cold air. Conventional shades and draperies, even so-called insulating shades, do not approach the effectiveness of Window Quilt.

    Can I use your Window Quilt system with my existing window treatments?
    Yes. Usually Window Quilt can be mounted without changing your existing drapery or curtain installation.

    Are Window Quilts Washable?
    Yes. We recommend occasional vacuuming. If necessary, Window Quilt may be hand washed or professionally cleaned in place.

    Window Quiltís exclusive advanced technology fabric consists of 5 layers that are ultrasonically bonded to avoid any physical penetration of the fabric -- maximizing itís amazing capability to stop air and temperature infiltration. Combined with our 4-seal mounting sys-tem, Window Quilt is the ultimate in window insulation.

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    Window Quilt Delivers a High Performance, No Compromise Solution for Todayís Energy Needs

    The Savings Start from Day One. . . And Last for Years

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    Window Quilt performs equally well in summer and winter by countering all four heat transfer mechanisms. Think of them as moveable insulation for windows.

    Conduction. Glass is an excellent conductor of heat. Thatís why your windows feel much colder than your walls in winter. Itís also why moisture condenses on your windows in winter, causing those unsightly water stains and promoting premature rot.

    Convection. Because warm air rises and cold air falls, windows, especially those with conventional window treatments, can actually set up a flow of cold air in your room. Window Quilts block these drafts completely, because they seal the window on all four sides and contain an air tight inner layer.

    Infiltration. Window Quiltís four way seal stops all air passing through leaky or ill-fitting windows.

    Radiation. This is the loss of warmth to the outside in winter, and what is known as solar gain in the summer. Solar radiation is the main contributor to warming your house in summer months. Window Quilts block this energy from escaping in the winter and entering in the summer.
    Take the "Cold Feet" Test!

    Think your insulated draperies work as well as Window Quilts? Try this simple test!
    On a cold day, close your drapes. Remove your shoes and socks and stand next to the window. Feel the chill? Itís the cold air falling off your window. Itís known as the "reverse chimney effect". All unsealed window treatments actually work as an air baffle that promotes the movement of cold air downward across your cold window glass by streamlining the airflow while drawing in heated air from above. That draft is robbing your house of the warmth and "coziness" you want! ... more

    Technical Specifications

    5-layer composite, tracked and completely sealed movable insulating shade

    Insulation Properties (R-value)

    Single pane window .87
    with Window Quilt 4.58
    Heat Loss Reduction 85%

    Double pane window 2.1
    with Window Quilt 5.88
    Heat Loss Reduction 73%

    Double pane, Low -e Glazing 3.45
    with Window Quilt 7.14
    Heat Loss Reduction 52%

    Air Exchange Reduction (avg) 63.0%
    Noise Reduction 35%
    Shading Coefficient (Summer)
    Low-e Glazing .82
    Improvement 7%
    w/Light filtering Window Quilt: .23
    Improvement 74%
    w/Room darkening Window Quilt: .14
    Improvement 82%
    Light Reduction
    Room darkening: 99.5%
    Light filtering: 72%

    Test Method: ASTM C-236 Test
    Independently certified results. All
    results based on whole window testing.

    R-Value: A materialís resistance to heat flow. Higher is better.

    Shading Coefficient: Ability to block solar heat gain. Lower is better.

    Other Benefits

    Light Control
    Window Quilt offers a room darkening shade that cuts 99.5% of the light entering the room through its windows. This is useful in bedrooms, classrooms, labs, audio/visual centers, etc.

    Noise Suppression
    Another Window Quilt benefit is its inherent noise reduction capability. It cuts outside noise by over 1/3rd.

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    Only Window Quilt Deals Effectively with ALL Forms of Energy Loss

    There are many so-called ďinsulated shadesĒ available, and many make impressive claims. But the fact remains that NONE come close to the overall performance of the Window Quilt system. Why?

    Window Quilts are sealed on all four sides. This is a critical requirement for any window insulation to maximize efficiency. WQís fully sealed, impenetrable design stops heat, cold, wind, drafts, and damaging condensation--completely.
    Window Quiltís unique perimeter seal magnifies itís superiority over other forms of window shades when used over leaky windows.

    An advanced 5-layer barrier that insulates, reflects radiation and acts as a vapor barrier.

    All layers are ultrasonically welded -- the fabric is never penetrated, so air has nowhere to go

    Typical Annual Energy Savings Savings per 3í X 5í Window

    Window Quilt saves you money in winter and in summer. The graph at left clearly illustrates your potential savings no matter where you live!

    Also Consider:
    Calculations do not take into account any potential state and/or utility rebates and incentives.

    Donít forget the increased resale value of your home due to its lower fuel bills!

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