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Replacement Layers and Valances (Scroll down for Valance information)

Replacement layers cannot be ordered online.  You must call us with your measurements to order.  Replacement layers are at priced at $11/sq ft plus $30 s&h.

IMPORTANT!  Correct measurement procedure and accuracy are extremely important. Write down your measurements. 

MEASUREMENT PROCEDURE - same for both models                 (click image to enlarge)

Model 100


A. Measure batten width from end to end.

B. Measure inside edge of track to inside edge of track.

C. Measure outside edge of track to outside edge of track.

D. Measure outside of bracket to outside of bracket.


E. Measure bottom of bracket to window sill or floor (if it's a door)


Model 400

Valance Measurement and Ordering Information

(click image to enlarge)

IMPORTANT!  Correct measurements are extremely important and must be accurate.  Write down your measurements and check them before ordering. 

All valances are faced with non-quilted fabric to match shade.  Cost is $20.00/foot (includes all hardware) + $30 s&h up to 74" shade ordered width, always round up to next whole foot.  Shipping on larger sizes will be quoted at time of order.

Valances cannot be ordered online -- you must call to order.


MEASUREMENT PROCEDURE - same for both models

Valance dimensions are based on ordered width of your shade. (for previously installed shades, see alternate instructions below)

Model 100 & 400 Valances

Width  Measure outside edge of track to outside edge of track.  Maximum width is 100 inches

Height (Facing Drop):  Order correct size using chart below.

Return Size (projection from wall): Based on shade length; see chart below.

Please refer the chart below when considering top treatments for your Window Quilt shades.

The FACING DROP is the distance from the top of the valance to the bottom of the valance.  The RETURN is the projection from the window trim or wall into the room.  The valance may be mounted snug against the wall (400 series only) by ordering a 1-inch greater return.

Shade Series Shade Heights To: Facing Drop Size Return Size (projection)
100 48" 7" 7"
  84" 7" 8"
  120" 7" 9"
  144" 7" 10"
400 52" 7" 6"
  84" 9" 7"
  132" 9" 8"
  144" 9" 9"

click image to enlarge

Valances for Previously Installed Shades

Measure from outside of bracket to outside of bracket and length of shade.  When calling customer service indicate that the valance is for a previously installed shade.

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