I've enjoyed Window Quilts in my home for several decades and am very satisfied with the product. I'm interested in finding a Window Quilt installer in the Bethel, ME, service area ... Who do you suggest? I'm eager to get things installed before the end-of-year tax rebate deadline. Thank you very much for your assistance.

Bethel, ME

My name is Joy and we've had your window quilts in our home since 1983. They are the best. Great product! Is it possible to purchase new fabric and maybe a couple of new plastic strips that stick to the window moldings?

Thank you so much.

Good Morning:

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful new window quilts I recently purchased from you. I was desperate to replace the 25-year-old window quilts we had in our sun room, and I had almost given up hope until an interior decorator in town told me [where to find you]. The new quilts fit perfectly and we are very happy. As the old ones were a dark tan color, we are still adapting to the whiteness, but that's a small thing. Also I wanted to inquire if this purchase qualifies as an "energy-saving tax credit" item? Again, thank you for being there! These window quilts are perfect for keeping out both the hot summer sun and the cold winter nights. I love them.

Ithaca, NY

Dear Window Quilts:

In our 31-1/2 years of marriage we have lived in 3 different homes, all in which we have installed Window Quilts on nearly every window. We are now moving from Boise, ID, where we have lived in the same home since 1993, back to Washington State around the Issaquah/North Bend area ... We are sad to be leaving our 3rd set Window Quilts behind. They are amazing energy-savers, and comfort-providers. We currently have 11 Quilts in this home, including one over each of our 8-ft sliding glass doors. During the summer they get direct sun all afternoon, with temps over 100 degrees by late afternoon. By dropping the Window Quilts we can almost instantly lower the temperature in the south/west part of our home by as much as 15 degrees or more - so they do stay closed during the hot parts of the day so we don't have to run the air conditioner as much. In the winter they hold the heat in to help reduce our gas & electric bills. If you ever need to convince someone about the merits of Window Quilts, we'd be happy to give first hand accounts regarding long-term use.
Jan & Mark Johnson
Boise, ID


We have window quilts in our house and they are wonderful. Are there any dealers in Kalamazoo , MI or environs?

Thank you,
Kalamazoo, MI


Marie and I are one of three finalists in a contest for the greenest house in central NY, and the winner will be announced on Friday. I'll take your brochures to the event and I'll be sure to mention window quilt.

Thanks, Larry.

Dear Window Quilt.

After moving to Canada, from Vermont, many years ago I had an opportunity to purchase your product through one of our your Canadian distributors. The product has served me well and is, though initially expensive, economical in the many years of services it has provided. I have owned the quilts for 10 years and enjoy them. I have a number of questions that I need your assistance with ...

I await your reply,
Toronto, Canada

We bought our first Window Quilts nearly 30 years ago for our last house. We have some in our current house that are 20 years old. Love them! They hold up and are still working great! Looking forward to finishing off getting the rest of the windows covered! J.N.
Penryn, California

Our house was built in 1985 with 25 of your quilts, 14 in the great room alone (see attached). One of the quilts was over 14 feet long and is still working today. We are adding on to the house and need to contact your local installer ... D.C.
Durham, NC

Hi Bryan and Larry,

We are VERY pleased with our window quilts! Nice to see that bubble of cold air trapped under the quilt and not pouring over us as we sit on the sofa or while dining! Bobs cousin (with Bobs help) did a great job installing them and building a beautiful wood valance. I did nothing but buy them! I did notice your ad in the [local newspaper] today too! Good luck and see you in March at the BE10 Show!

Greenfield, MA

Dear Window Quilt Friends,

After having your wonderful product in two previous houses and in my preschool for almost 30 years, I am looking forward to placing my order finally and to installing Window Quilts in my new house.


Almost 12 years ago, I bought a house and wanted to put Window Quilts on every window because I had fallen in love with them in a cottage I had rented previous to buying my own home ... Now, 12 years after living in a house with new windows - - but still drafty though they cost me a fortune - - I may be moving and thought of Window Quilts AGAIN. Eureka! this time I found you online and am beyond THRILLED!!!! ... Window Quilts - - you ROCK!!!! :)))))))))))) E.N.

I used to work at a nature center in Southwestern Michigan and we installed some colored window quilts on some large windows in a classroom which hosted many school children and adults for programs. The window quilts looked very nice, worked great, and provided a good example of energy conservation (and this was about 20 years ago). Now I am Director of a nature center on the other side of the state and I would like to put in some window quilts in a new addition we have planned, and possibly also retrofit some of the existing windows with window quilts. I would appreciate any information you could get to me, including local suppliers of window quilts, product descriptions ... Thanks. Mike Champagne, Director
Seven Ponds Nature Center
Dryden, MI

Hi guys,

We love our window quilts we purchased from you last fall. It is our third house with them. We are in the process of re doing another room and would like to get window quilts for that room also ...
Snyder, NY

I have had Window Quilts on a large custom glass door and window since approx. 1983, they have worked flawlessly, I need to replace one of the cords & would like to obtain the correct original type replacement ... D.K.

I am so thrilled to have found your website this morning! ... I had Window Quilts in the 80s and loved them. I now have 2 sliders I would like to install Window Quilts on after losing tremendous amounts of heat for the past 2 winters. P.C.
Grantham, NH


Many years ago (about 30) we installed your window quilts they are still going strong and perfect. A few years ago, we put an addition on our house with a "great" room and fireplace. We have 5 large (about 48" wide x 72" high) windows and were thinking window quilts might be perfect to cozy it up during our long winter nights. I found your website ... Please send me ordering and pricing info. Thank you very much.
Edgecomb ME

I had Window Quilts in a previous house and they worked very well. I am thinking of putting them into my family room in my current home. I installed all the quilts in the last house and found it pretty easy to do. I live about 45 minutes away from Brattleboro, and wanted to know if you sell direct from there. I have 11 windows and one sliding glass door, so there is a lot of glass to cover. Any information that you can give me regarding cost will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Dear Window Quilts people,

We have your quilts on five slider windows that are about 8 years old. Our newest dog (adopted last year) went crazy over the winter and ripped several of the quilts ... I also need to know how and where to order some replacement quilts ... (this is the second house weve outfitted with quilts we just love em!).

Thanks in advance,
Nashua, NH

My wife and I currently rent a townhome in NH that has all windows & our sliding glass door protected by your product (not sure if its the 100 or 400 series). Prior to moving into this home, we had never heard of or seen Window Quilts. Now, I am an active-duty Marine stationed in Nashua, NH on Recruiting Duty, & we are just returning to the States from a 3 year tour in Japan. Prior to that was 3 years in North Carolina (5 years in NV & born & raised in NJ). Apologies for the seemingly wasted text, but what Im trying to get at is that neither my wife nor I have ever heard of Window Quilts!!!! Your product should be in 90+% of homes across the states, regardless of whether cold or hot climates. Additionally, we have friends over on a regular basis & these friends continuously tell us that they love the idea of your product, but have never seen them before.

How could a company with such an awesome product not be widely known? Especially to people that have lived in New England all their lives?!?! I imagine that it must have been an advertising issue. Well, either way, I have visited your website & am thrilled ... But PLEASE, do yourselves justice & get the word out. There is no reason you guys should not be a household name!
The Q. Family
Nashua, NH

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