Window Quilt® customers are happy! Whether it is product quality, customer service or reliability, we take exceptional care to keep them that way! In the 1930's, the Packard car company used the slogan "Ask the man who owns one". Here are some thoughts from Window Quilt® owners.

7/29/11 We want to express our gratitude for your very fast and helpful service. The parts we ordered came today, and thanks to your instructions on the web, we were able to repair the quilt, much to our happy surprise, in a matter of minutes.

R. K.
Ithaca, NY

7/7/11 We have four of your quilted shades on the glass roof of our solar room. We love them. Wayne C.
Ogden, UT

5/15/11 Hi folks,
Donít really know much about what Iím doing, but I need some replacement take-up pulleys for 4 of my quilts. ... I should say that your products seem to have been 'original equipment' in my house which was built in 1973 and everything still works very well with the exception of the pulleys which have finally started to crack, split, and break apart after 40 years of use. You have really made a quality product! I have used your quilts for the 12 years I have lived in this houseóin Chapel Hill, NCóand they are a wonderful help in keeping summer sun out. (We donít have much winter here but when it does get cool here, they also do a great job keeping the heat inside.
Chapel Hill, NC

4/5/11 Hi,

We have your window quilts in our bedroom and LOVE them. They are pretty old, perhaps 20 years or more. Is there a rep in our area that can come in and look them over and repair one of them that is out of the track. While I see your directions to fix this, we aren't really handy and aren't sure that it is too old to work correctly, although they are not ripped and still look great!
Canton, MA

3/18/11 Dear Bryan,

I spoke to you last spring about ordering new quilts for the house I am now living in --- having loved the window quilts I had added to my first house in 1979, to my school in 1982 and to my last house in 1994! Finally I have overcome my tech difficulties in getting photos of the unique corners I have ...
Steamboat Springs, CO

2/24/11 Hello,

In my first home, over thirty years ago my husband and I had Window Quilts. I loved them and miss them when we moved. My question is, can you come to my new home and measure and install new Window Quilts? Or, is there someone closer who could do this for me? ... There are approximately 20-22 windows, not including 3 sky lights which we might do ...
Exeter, NH

2/18/11 Hi Bryan,

Thanks, this will help with our taxes. We have been amazed with our window quilts. We have geothermal heat that usually kicks into emergency heat when it gets below zero outside. This year, with the window quilts, it only kicked in for a few hours rather than a few weeks. I'm sure we will see a savings on our heating bill. Great product!

2/11/11 Can they be dry cleaned or will that cause damage? Our Window Quilts are over 30 years old and have held up remarkably well. We bought them when the company was called Appropriate Technologies ... Thanks for your quick reply C.L.

1/15/11 Dear Sir or Madam,

When we built our passive solar home in 1984, we installed Window Quilts in our "sunspace." They are a remarkable product, and we have used them constantly for these past 26 years! ...

Thank you.
Sanford, NC

1/14/11 Hi,

I have quilted shades and I am in need of someone to do minor repair work on them. My quilts are over 20 years old now and they have held up magnificently. ...

Thank you,
Boston, MA

1/12/11 Hi

I have been using your products in our house (20 windows) for several years and they are great! There is nothing like them. I have even installed them on skylights and motorized some shades I have a new application that I would like to use your product- I want to install quilts at ceiling level and pull horizontally to seal off sky light opening ... Any ideas on this type of application, I am sure it is not new.

Thanks again for a great product.

1/10/11 I wanted to says thanks for the two panel quilts - they have made quite a difference already since they cover a 5'x14' space. The folks I've shown these to were delighted and will probably be taking a peek through your web site. M.C.

1/10/11 Hi Bryan

Thank you very much. I am, indeed, enjoying my quilts and hoping to add more this year or next. Back in the late 1990s, I had your quilts on all the windows of the house I owned at that time. Since the windows were large, they made a big difference is keeping the house warm.They are amazing.
L. P.
Middlefield, CT

Dear Sir:

I recently purchased eight replacement shades from you. First of all, I wanted to commend you on matching the size perfectly. I had installed the original shades back in 1984, and I was worried that the replacements would not fit right and slide as nicely as the originals - but everything worked out fine.

Loveland, Ohio

Dear Sir,

We live in Westchester, NY, north of New York City. We've had window quilts on all of our bedroom windows for about 20 years and we love them. We just had our windows replaced, and I made the contractor work around the window quilts so as not to disturb them. ...

Thank you,
Westchester County, NY

We have windowquilts on almost all of our windows, and love them, but we need to add two more to our windows ...

Thank you.
Ontario, Canada

Dear Window Quilt,

We have 30 year old window quilts in our home! Yeah! We love them ... We have the older wooden rods, not the metal ones. Do you still have any pulleys for the older window quilts?

Thank you,

Capon Bridge, WV

I purchased Window Quilts for 3 sets of French doors; 4 windows (20 panels each). two single doors and one window in the late 80ís. I had to replace one of the single doors and now I need to have the Window Quilt reinstalled ... Can you help? D.G.
Raleigh, NC

Hi Folks,

I have just completed a [installation of a competitors product]. They were a headache and time consuming and expensive. Even though I have more time than money, the experience has led me back to Window Quilts once again. I have four large windows in row to cover, totaling about 114 inches wide and 70 inches high. I would like to cover them with two window quilts. My question is ...

J. W.


We have been looking everywhere for your product. We had them in a previous home years ago and they were great. Just didn't know the correct title of the item ... finally stumbled onto it. ...

Thank you so much,

Hi Bryan,

We now have 14 of your window quilts installed. Great product and great company.

Thank you so much for your assistance in ordering my 6 Window Quilts and valances for our new home. They all fit perfectly - including the smaller one located between two cabinets with crown molding. I attached picture #00184 showing the window quilt installed - it just fit by attaching the valance to the brackets before installing the window quilt and roller. The large windows look very nice with the spacing of the trim (Image #199) - as well as the new trim style! We'll keep warm this winter!

Mosinee, WI

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