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Window Quilts® Outperform Insulating Curtains and Other Thermal Window Treatments. The Result is Exceptional Comfort and Savings

Window Quilt® Owners Are Satisfied and Loyal!

We receive regular correspondence from satisfied customers. One common thread is happiness.

Window Quilt® customers are happy! Whether it is product quality, customer service or reliability, we take exceptional care to keep them that way! In the 1930's, the Packard car company used the slogan "Ask the man who owns one". Here are some thoughts from Window Quilt® owners.

1/5/12 We [had] several of your product installed many years ago, and love[d] them. We want to consider them for a newer addition.

Thank you,
Sara E.
Charlottesville, Virginia

12/26/11 Just moved to Oregon and wondered if you have a store out here, or anyone who does installation? LOVE your product, have had it before and know nothing to be its equal! Sarah F.
Madras, Oregon

12/20/11 My mom has what I believe to be window quilts in her condo in Lake Geneva, WI (they were installed in the 80's) and I have searched for years to find these. I live in the Raleigh, NC area and have never seen them used anywhere else and always thought they were great. We have a log home with tons of windows and think this application would work well for our home. Carolyn M.
Louisburg, North Carolina

12/16/11 Is there any chance you can send 5 or so brochures to me - I have a whole house of window quilts and every workman and contractor and friend who comes here is very interested. Happy New Year to you. You have a great product! Barbara M.
Brunswick, ME

11/27/11 I have had your product in 2 homes since 1985 and my current home I have had your shades for 13 years and let me tell you this is an AWESOME product!!! We have been totally pleased!!!! My father wanted to have these put in his home and I would like to know if you have a local installer in the Chicagoland area. Thanks again, like I said your product is fantastic – we have a 15x15 room with 9 five foot casement windows, 2 skylights and a patio door. When we moved into the home you couldn’t sit in there in the winter. It keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. One of the best improvements we have spent in our home ... I have told many friends about your product and have never seen another product like yours. K. B.
Chicago, Illinois

11/15/11 ... Can I simply remove the worn pin and insert a new one? Should I also replace the non-pulley side pin which is not worn out but might go? You can use this email as a testimonial for the quality of your Window Quilt product! The quilt is somewhere between 32 and 27 years old. The installation instructions are copyrighted 1979 and a tech note, LW078, is dated 4/85. We have never had a problem with the product until now. I'm delighted that you are still in business and making this excellent product. Wolfgang Schaechter
Santa Clara, Ca

11/8/11 Hey guys - I'm so glad you're still in business! Before inheriting a room full of Window Quilts, I didn't even know they existed, but now I'm in love. I bought a house that has window quilts all around an entire room, and I love them. They look cool, keep the house warm, and make the room feel unique. Mike C.
Denver CO

10/24/11 We have had window quilts operating In our house for 34 years and love them. A few years back I checked the web and they were no longer available ... We have just built a two story addition to our home and before I trimmed out the windows with standard trim, I thought I would check and was happy to find this site. I will be measuring for 11 new windows and sliding doors and would like to know what the delivery time is? Are these the same quality as my 34 year old quilts? I will be ordering the 100 series because that is what I have in most of the house. Greg S.

9/8/11 We live in Springfield, IL. We purchased a condo which came with your quilted roller shades. Very good product! Rosanne S.
Springfield, IL

9/5/11 Thank you very much for the replacement piece for my window quilts. We installed the small white piece and viola! my window quilts are in perfect working order. Then, we cleaned the ropes with bleach and they are like new! And we installed this product in 1988. What a tribute to your product! Stephanie L.
Waterville Valley, NH

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